Celebrating 20 Years: Ecologically Engineering the Future

Access the Conference

Join us on Gather here, with password AEES2021. You can access all the presentations, posters, and your ecological engineering friends in one place!

Find the Zoom links here, but miss out on the fun of "running into" colleagues.

The annual meeting provides an opportunity for professionals (scientists, engineers, and policy makers) as well as students in the field to share ideas while fostering education, outreach, and professional development. With this meeting, we hope to further demonstrate the scope of Ecological Engineering and how the field’s core principles are used to solve environmental challenges. The key purpose of the meeting is to allow science and engineering students to showcase their work in the field, and bring them together with industry professionals who can provide guidance and insights to entering the industry.

This year, there will be an emphasis on creating opportunities for student networking through special student-focused sessions and multiple ways to engage with virutal posters.

Take advantage of the easy accessibality and low cost of AEES 2021 Virtual Meeting!


The entire conference will be taking place through the Gather platform. Registrants will recieve the password again on Monday, May 24 in an email entitled "AEES2021 Conference Access." The website is designed for Firefox or Chrome on a computer (not phone). A stable internet connection is necessary.

Through Gather, you will be able to interact with posters, sponsor information, and other attendees as an Avatar of yourself. "Walk" to Poster and Lecture Halls to attend presentations and speak with presenters, or go to the Bar and catch up with your favorite ecological engineers!

The conference will be in Demo mode until May 25—check it out!

You can find demonstrations and tutorials for Gather in their website: https://gather.town/