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Abstract Submissions

You are invited to attend and participate in the 2021 American Ecological Engineering Society Annual Conference. The annual meeting provides an opportunity for professionals (scientists, engineers, and policy makers) as well as students in the field to share ideas while fostering education, outreach, and professional development. With this meeting, we hope to further demonstrate the scope of Ecological Engineering and how the field's core principles are used to solve environmental challenges. The key purpose of the meeting is to allow science and engineering students to showcase their work in the field, and bring them together with industry professionals who can provide guidance and insights to entering the industry. Abstracts may be submitted as either a presentation or a poster. 

For more information on submitting abstracts to the conference and to submit an abstract see the linked document below: 

Abstract Submission Guidelines

Submit an Abstract  - Abstracts are due by April 19, 2021

Note, filling the survey to Submit an Abstract generates ONE UNIQUE Abstract Submission Form PER EMAIL ADDRESS. For each Abstract you would like to submit, you must fill out the Submit an Abstract survey with a NEW email address.