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Plenary Speakers

Jessica D'Ambrosio

Jessica D'Ambrosio is the Ohio Agriculture Project Director for The Nature Conservancy in Ohio, where she works to keep farming productive and profitable while protecting Lake Erie, the Ohio River and their tributaries. 

Anand Jayakaran and Andrea Ludwig

Anand Jayakaran is an Associate Professor in the College of Agriculture, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences at Washington State University. Ani's role is to provide extension and research needs throughout the state of Washington and involves disseminating strategies to manage water resources using Low Impact Development and improving current engineernig designs with ecosystems-centric solutions for handling stormwater through applied research. 



Andrea Ludwig in an Associate Professor of Ecological Engineering in the Biosystems Engineering and Soil Science Department at the University of Tennessee. Andrea has has worked as the State Stormwater Management Specialist for UT Extension since 2010, and in that role, works with local municipal governments t ohelp support their green infrastructure programs and is the co-director of Tennessee Smart Yards, which as a sustainable landscaping educational program that seeks to certify private property across the state as "Tennessee Smart Yards."


Trisha Moore

Trisha Moore is an Assistant Professor in the Biological and Agricultural Engineering Department at Kansas State University. Trisha's research is focused on understanding the processes by which natural-based engineered systems contribute to the production of ecosystem services, primarily in terms of water quality and water quantity regulation. 




Bill Mitsch

Bill Mitsch is Eminent Scholar and Director, Everglades Wetland Research Park, and Juliet C. Sproul Chair for Southwest Florida Habitat Restoration at Florida Gulf Coast University. Prior to his move to FGCU, Bill was a Distinguished Professor of Environmental Science and continues as the Founding Director of the Olentangy River Wetland Research Park and The Ohio State University.




Mark Dilley

Mark Dilley earned a B.S. in Natural Resources (Fisheries Management) in 1991 and a M.S. in Environmental Science (specializing in wetlands) in 2003, both from The Ohio State University. He and his wife Christine are co-owners of a WBE, WOSB, and EDGE-certified environmental consulting firm, MAD Scientist Associates, speciazliing in ecological and wetland consulting. He is also a lecturer at The Ohio State University, where he teaches Wetland Ecology & Restoration. 

Mark has nearly 30 years of experience as a field biologist, ecologist, and wetland scientist. He is an EPA-certified Level 3 Qualified Data Collector (QDC) for fish and habitat studies in Ohio, a Certified Senior Ecologist, Certified Ecological Restoration Professional (CERP), and Professional Wetland Scientist (PWS). Mark has conducted ecological surveys in over 11 states, at a variety of sites, including Department of Energy, NASA, and U.S. military facilities, landfills, and industrial sites. His academic research has focused on biological monitoring of streams and rivers and atrazine fate and trasport processes in constructed wetlands. In his current role, he manages several dozen delineation, permitting, and assessment; and wetland restoration and creation- ranging from conventional storm water detention basin wetland retrofits to landscape-scale restoration projects covering dozens to hundreds of acres. Mark and the MAD Scientist Team also provide construction oversight, planting and invasive species control services for a wide variety of public and private clients.